Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Month in Review: October

Um, what? It's November?! Already?!?! 

Well, October was a fun-packed, busy month. Before it started I saw Jason Mraz at Radio City Music Hall - good time! Wish it had been longer. Then, once October hit, I has visitors, visited, and even made it to the most famous coffee shop ever.

To recap:

One of my sorority sisters, Bethany, came to stay with me so we could make the ultimate pilgrimage: Central Perk pop-up replica in honor of the Friends 20th Anniversary. She was not far, working only a few hours away and we went to scope out this attraction before it disappeared for free coffee and a photo-op on the famous orange couch.

The first day we arrived and the line had already been cut off at 3:30p (they closed at 8p)! So we made a plan to get there super early the next day. We arrived at 9:30a and made it inside around 11a - not terrible. I've waited longer to rush Broadway shows. The Central Perk roast coffee was very yummy and inside they had all types of costumes, props, signed scripts, and the couch. It was awesome! I'm glad we were able to get in and see everything! If only we had seen someone get engaged on the couch (apparently that was a thing that was happening). 

The week after that, the boy and I headed home for Homecoming at Duquesne, which was so so SO much fun. It was so great to see my friends and I hadn't been home with time to spend with them in so long. 

Shortly after that, I saw he fabulous Betty Who at Irving Plaza shortly after her album dropped! She was truly spectacular. The show was sold out, I danced so hard, if was the best show I had been to in a while! Definitely go see her if you have a chance! 

And then the rest of the month was just going back and forth seeing the boy, cleaning up, decorating. I spent Halloween with my good friends Adrienne and Emily (Adrienne had to work and Emily and I kept her company), where I are good food and drank good boozy cherry drinks. 

And now I am full into the holiday season. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Summer is Over: A Recap

Long time, no post!

The end of the summer has been ABSOLUTELY INSANE!

I went to the burgh for the 4th and just went to dinner and fireworks with the boy and then the day after we saw Fitz and the Tantrums at Stage AE. They were AMAZING! One of the best concerts I've been to in a long time, going again in November when they're in NYC!

THEN. Two weeks later, my bestie from elementary school came for a week and we did NYC touristy things. We spent a day in Central Park, went to Patsy's for pizza, WON THE ALADDIN LOTTERY, and just walked around the city! We also took one of those double decker your buses at night, which was beautiful. The whole week was soooo much fun.

Then, bestie left in the am and boyfran arrived that night. We didn't do ANYTHING, but it was still perfect to see him.

THEN, the next weekend my college bestie came to visit for the weekend! We also spent time in the park, played in Soho, where we marveled in the Soho Tiffany, finished the day with a trip to Laduree Soho! We wanted to rush Cinderella, but the weather was questionable, so we hung out in NJ and went to the mall.

After that, my grandparents came up for a while! We just hung out, went to the mall in NJ, went to the city for a little bit - another trip to Patsy's, a trip to Dylan's and a trip to Sprinkles (all priorities). We went to the movies (saw Get On Up), they helped finish some stuff around my apartment, and we just had a lot of fun!

I'm always so sad when they leave, but no time because my mommy was coming two days after they left!! My mommy's visit was just what I needed after all this excitement. We spent a whole day in the park, had lunch at Snack EOS in Hell's Kitchen, and then spent most of the rest of her trip in my apartment, watching TV and being goofy. It was absolutely perfect and everything I could've asked for. My favorite times with my mom are when we're together being silly. We joke that the creators of Gilmore Girls spied on us and ripped off our lives, if that gives you an idea of how close we are. We also went into the original Tiffany and St. Patrick's which was lovely!

She left and the boy came up for a day visit (he just moved closer and got a new car).

Because he was a little blue about moving and didn't really have time to settle in, I went up the following weekend to help him unpack and settle in.

AND THEN, the weekend after that my Big got married! So I went back to the burgh to see her nuptials. It was so exciting and she looked so lovely. I got to see many sisters (and sweethearts) I haven't seen in over a year! I took my friend Mike, because my BF wasn't sure he'd be able to make it, but he ended up surprising me! 

The weekend after that I went back to the BF to just veg and relax and now here we are to this weekend.

The first weekend I've been home alone in my apartment since right after the 4th. 

I've cooked. I've started working out again. I'm calm. I'm almost done with Breaking Bad! And now I can resume regular blogging. And now it's fall.

Crazy, right??

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sunday, June 22, 2014


This week was my two year anniversary with the guy. It's crazy to me that it's already been two years! I also noticed that the last post I posted "regularly" was the day before we became official, awww.

Anyway, we went to our nation's capital to celebrate, a vacation that honestly couldn't come at a more perfect time. It was good for me to just turn off the New York hustle and bustle and just be a tourist for once. He's stressing out about other things so it was also good for him to be able to just get away and unwind a little.

It was really great! I hated DC so much when I was younger! I thought it was boring and it was completely lost on me. I'm still less impressed with it than I am with New York, but it really is a beautiful place. Everything is do white and bright and while still talk, not as tall and dark and consuming as Manhattan. It was still a city but it was also just a breath of fresh air - just what the doctor ordered. 

We did monuments and got to see friends that moved down there after college,  which was nice! We didn't go anywhere fancy or particularly famous to get food, keeping it low maintenance, chill, and just enjoying each other's company. It was really nice! 

I feel refocused and ready for the summer. It's just funny to me that even on vacation, I can't escape the draw of a big city ☺️